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Enjoy old-world flavors, and local ones, at Old World Deli at Bellingham

Your mouth will water when you read the menu or the rotating list of daily specials at Old World Deli. Your taste buds will perk up when you step through the door and catch that indefinable whiff of a good deli, something earthy and airy, spicy and herby, and a little bready.

Anna and Christos Adams opened their Bellingham eatery in 2007 with an eye toward creating a delicatessen in the European tradition. By that, the couple meant a deli with artisan offerings that were carefully sourced. It was the kind of deli they loved.

Over time, they also turned their deli into a gathering place, offering music as well as wine dinners, and the must-go place for hard-to-find meats, cheeses and wines, as well as ingredients for the home cook’s kitchen.

The small market inside their store is where you’ll find extra virgin olive oil infused with black truffle, and a variety of pastas and balsamics, and the deli case is where you’ll find Niman Ranch pastrami from California as well as Italian imports San Daniele prosciutto and Principe mortadella.

And if you want food closer to home, Old World Deli cures and smokes its own bacon and makes its own sausage, roast beef and corned beef.

Doing so takes a lot more work than buying already made meat, Anna Adams says, but the result seems to make customers happy, especially when it comes to their Reuben sandwich, which has its own following thanks to the house-made corned beef.

Old World also dishes up soups, salads and cheese plates for people who want something other than a sandwich, which, by the way, uses bread from Breadfarm in Bow.

And what sandwiches they are, from the spicy Italian sub made with Molinari and Sons hot salami, to the Mediterranean tuna made with albacore and black olive pesto, to the grilled veggie made with seasonal offerings and a spread of red bell pepper and feta.

Is your mouth watering yet?