Spotlight: Dharma and Maya Weller love learning about nature

Bellingham twins Dharma and Maya Weller visit the zoo in Sacramento, Calif.
Bellingham twins Dharma and Maya Weller visit the zoo in Sacramento, Calif. Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

Identical twins Dharma and Maya Weller are fascinated by nature in different ways.

The 10-year-old sisters, fifth-graders at Lowell Elementary, are likely among the most active students of nature in Bellingham.

Both have greatly enjoyed Wild Whatcom summer camp, but Maya is already focused on marine biology while Dharma goes in for field trips led by Neighborhood Nature and by Wild Whatcom, a nonprofit that educates students about nature.

Maya says she already has good reasons for a career in marine biology.

“I just think it’s really interesting. There are so many things to look at, and you never get bored,” she said. “And you can actually be with (the creatures) that are your job.”

Dharma remembers how a tiny sparrow’s movements first captivated her and made her realize how much nature means to her — both flora and fauna.

“Wild Whatcom gives you an idea of what you can find in nature,” she said. “Now I’m really interested in the way mushrooms grow in different ways and their different colors, like the red mushrooms with white polka dots!”

The girls have a 13-year-old brother, Alex. Their parents are Tom and Staci Weller. Tom is a civil engineer; Staci is a sales representative.

The family moved to Bellingham two years ago from Kalispell, Mont.

“The move was tough for the girls and they still miss their friends in Kalispell,” Tom said, “but they have made wonderful new friends.”

Dharma is also learning how much she loves listening to string instruments and is focusing on viola. She also loves learning cooking from her mom, and likes racket sports.

“The girls both love to paint and learn about art,” Staci said. “Together with big brother, they made a beautiful ceramic vase for their uncle’s wedding.”


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