Spotlight: Kiarra Voigt shares charitable spirit

Kiarra Voigt, 8, with two of the 30 blessing bags that she made to hand out to people who are homeless.
Kiarra Voigt, 8, with two of the 30 blessing bags that she made to hand out to people who are homeless. Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

Before she even turned 7, Kiarra Voigt noticed the large number of homeless people on the streets of Seattle on her way to a Seahawks game.

She soon began talking with her parents, Kyle and Tiauna, about how she could help. The result: When Kiarra turned 8 in December 2015, she asked family and friends to celebrate her birthday by bringing necessities she could pack into “blessing bags.”

Kiarra, a second-grader at Silver Beach Elementary, wanted presents for the homeless, not for herself.

“It was really sad to see,” Kiarra said. “I saw they didn’t have what we have.”

Tiauna, who used Facebook to help, was astonished by the generosity her daughter inspired.

People donated clothing, toiletries and other necessities, especially those needed for a Northwest winter.

“We got tons of stuff for the blessing bags,” Tiauna said, noting how Kiarra ran into the charitable term while doing online research. “And Kids’ World (a Bellingham child care center she directs) told me they would donate all the zip-lock bags we needed.”

Kiarra and her sports-loving family are proud that she wants to keep scoring “touchdowns” for the homeless.

“I plan to keep doing this,” she said, indicating it won’t be tough for others to know what she wants for her birthdays. “I just want to keep trying to help.”

Kiarra’s heart thrills her family.

“I got worried at first, but she didn’t think twice,” said Tiauna.

Kiarra also enjoys art, soccer and basketball, and spending time with brother Jordan, a sixth-grader at Whatcom Middle School.


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