Trampoline Zone offers family fun, and workout

LaDainian Webster flips into a foam pit at the Trampoline Zone in 2014.
LaDainian Webster flips into a foam pit at the Trampoline Zone in 2014. The Bellingham Herald

Head to Trampoline Zone at 4201 Meridian St. in Bellingham on any given day and you’re as likely to see adults bouncing high in the air as you are to see kids.

The joy of jumping on a trampoline and feeling the thrill of being lifted high into the air by the springs is something that few people can resist. But it’s also a great workout, which is why the Zone is offering a variety of fitness classes to complement the “open jump” times. Available for all ages, there’s a basic fitness class, a Ninja Academy class that focuses on tumbling and tricks, and an aerobics class with cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and stretching.

“Most people don’t realize just how beneficial jumping on trampolines can be,” said Savannah Smith, company spokesperson. “Parents and kids see it as a fun, expendable outlet for any random energy, but trampolines actually offer a sneaky workout. They raise your heart rate faster, work more muscles than a floor routine, and leave you dripping in sweat!”

Research suggests that trampolining is one of the most beneficial ways to reduce cellulite. The springs of a trampoline absorb the majority of stress that would otherwise fall on the jumpers’ weight-bearing joints. That means the activity has a comparatively low impact on joints while providing a high-impact, intensive exercise routine. At the same time, trampolining firms and tones muscles and increases balance and energy.

It’s not often you get to take a fitness class with your kid, particularly when said kid is younger than 16, but at Trampoline Zone grownups and kids can work out side-by-side, both enjoying the trampolines simultaneously.

“We created these programs because we’re passionate about the health of our younger generations, and most institutions don’t have child-based fitness opportunities,” Smith said. “Trampoline workouts are different from regular gymnastics or cheerleading classes.

“This is a child-friendly environment for kids or adults to practice any ‘tricks’ they might learn in those other programs, while keeping them in a fun, carefree atmosphere.”


In some classes, participants can drop in by notifying Trampoline Zone the night before and paying a $10 fee. All classes are one hour. An unlimited monthly class pass costs $90. Details: trampolinezone.net and 360-255-0722.