Fun family products

Skip Hop’s outdoor blanket and cooler bag makes outtings with kids easier.
Skip Hop’s outdoor blanket and cooler bag makes outtings with kids easier. Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald


Blanket statement

Skip Hop Outdoor Blanket & Cooler Bag

No trip to the beach or day at the park is complete without a good blanket to lay on, and this one takes the cake. This brightly patterned, waterproof blanket is part of a tote that also serves as a cooler, so you’ve got everything you need for a picnic. $47.99 at Along Comes a Baby, alongcomesababy.com.

Made in the shade

iPlay Flexi Specs

Is there anything better than babies in sunglasses? Knowing those baby blues are protected from the sun’s rays is pretty good, too. These shades are made specially for infants and come in bright, summery colors, with flexible frames and wraparound bands for easy wear. $8.99 at Bellingham Baby Company, bellinghambabycompany.com.

Skin saver

Badger Baby Sunscreen SPF 34

Summer in the Northwest is a beautiful thing, especially when it means exploring on sunny days with your baby. And if your baby is going to be out in the sun, make sure to slather them with a kid-safe sunscreen with an SPF over 30 to keep them protected. $14.99 at Community Food Co-op, communityfood.coop.


Bubble fun

Fubbles No-spill Bubble Bucket

Want to see a big smile on your toddler’s face? Give them a some bubbles on a nice day and let them go wild. This bubble tub from Fubbles lets lots of kids get in on the fun, with a design that’s meant to prevent spills. $16.99 at Wild Blueberries, wildblueberries-kids.com.

Float on

Intex Ride-On floaties

Turn your kiddie pool into a jungle with these fun animal floaties. Let your little one hold onto the handles and go for a ride on a gator or whale, or practice kicks as they learn to become comfortable in the water. $8.99-$12.99 at Yeager’s Sporting Goods, yeagerssportinggoods.com.

Build the rainbow

Grimm’s stackers

Here’s a bright and beautiful take on stacking blocks. These handmade stackers come in rainbow, water, flame and earth styles that look lovely on their own, but once kids take them apart, their imaginations can run wild with ways to put them back together. $32.95-$34.95 at Ideal, anidealshop.com.


Free feet

Merrell Hydro Hiker Sandals

Summer is the season of the sandal, but if you’ve got an active kid who loves to run, hike and bike, then ordinary flip flops aren’t going to cut it. These Merrell sandals provide the support and protection your kids need for exploring, while still having the airy look and feel of sandals. $50 at Kids Northwest, kidsnorthwest.com.

Quick chill

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

When the heat of summer hits, there are few things that satisfy like flavored ice on a stick. If you don’t want a freezer full of pops, you can make them on the fly with this Zoku Quick Pop Maker. Just pour in your favorite juices, fruits or add-ins, give it a couple of minutes, and your kid will have his own custom pop. The maker comes in single or three-pop sizes. $24.95-$49.95 at Greenhouse, greenhousehome.com.

Chalk it up

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk

It’s such a simple thing, but sidewalk chalk has the magical ability to turn a driveway into a masterpiece. Let your kids play with all the colors they want with no worry about staying inside the lines with this bright, washable chalk. $2.99 at Launching Success Learning Store, launchingsuccess.com.