This child therapy clinic thinks outside the clinic to find successful treatment strategies

Kids in Motion Therapy Clinic is a non-profit organization offering home-based and clinic-based therapy services to support the development of successful strategies for daily living for children who need physical, occupational and/or speech therapy.

Co-founder Julia Creech was eager to share more about the clinic:

Q: Can you tell us more about the clinic?

A: Kids in Motion Therapy Clinic provides therapy to children in their homes as well as now having the opportunity to see them in a clinic setting at Christ the King Church in Bellingham.

There are many benefits to receiving in-home therapies. I personally was originally against seeing children in their homes, since my background was in a clinic setting or in their school. Stacie Erfle, an occupational therapist, and Nora Cohoe, a speech-language pathologist, had to really convince me that seeing children in their homes would be a huge benefit.

After my first visit with a child in their home, I was sold. In a clinic the therapist has lots of great equipment.

We then ask the parents/caregivers to go home and work on strengthening/skills etc. They don’t have all the fancy equipment to work with, so it is not as beneficial. When I go out to someone’s home, I then have the challenge to see what they have within their environment to help the child meet his/her goals. I then come up with ideas for them to do with what they have to help progress the child.

Q: How do the children react?

A: Some kids take a long time to warm up for therapy in a clinic, while others flourish in getting away from their siblings or other distractions of home. Those kids are best served in a clinic setting. Other children are much more comfortable in their homes and benefit from having their family assist them with their therapy.

We can also alternate between clinic and home. At times it might be helpful to assess if a child would benefit from different therapy equipment. We can now bring the child to the clinic, see what works and the family might look into obtaining a piece of equipment. It is also nice to see how the child will behave in different environments to make the most impact in therapy.

We are able to work with foster care children in their foster home. If the biological family lives in Whatcom County we can then follow them back into their homes and maintain a continuity of care with that child. This can add stability to an otherwise very unstable environment for a child.

Q: What is the one thing about the clinic you think the community does not know?

A: We are a nonprofit. We do not prioritize patients based upon the type of insurance that they have.

Not all clinics do this. Ours is strictly a first-come, first-served. A majority of our clients are on state insurance. The reimbursement rate is very low.

For instance, state insurance does not fully cover our costs for speech therapy. With children, speech therapy is the highest need. We are very small and looking to grow to further assist the children we serve.