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It wasn’t always easy, but nothing was going to get in the way of their wedding day

William Young and Karly Bradshaw married July 24, at Zuanich Point Park on Bellingham’s waterfront.
William Young and Karly Bradshaw married July 24, at Zuanich Point Park on Bellingham’s waterfront. Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

When the day finally came and Karly (Bradshaw) and William Young said “I do” in front of Bellingham Bay, “all the stress of everything that had ever happened was just gone.”

Karly and William started dating in 2013, and “had a couple bumps” along the way, Karly says, but everything worked out in the end.

“I knew within the first week of us seeing each other that I wanted to be with her the rest of my life,” William says.

They got pregnant fairly quickly, Karly says. William already had one daughter, Hailey, and after his and Karly’s son Lucas was born in 2014, he proposed by writing “Marry me” in the snow shortly after Valentine’s Day.

They hoped to marry in 2015, but Karly needed four eye surgeries that year.

“I have to do constant injections in my eyes to keep them from hemorrhaging,” Karly says. “Battling Type 1 diabetes has been a big struggle, but I have a pretty big support system.”

When they were able to set a date, they wanted to find some time in July to be married, to honor William’s mother’s birthday. His mom passed away soon after he and Karly were engaged.

They married July 24 at Zuanich Park, and had their reception at the Squalicum Boathouse.

“It worked out perfectly. For those few weeks in July it was raining one day, then cloudy, then that one day it was like perfect weather,” William says.

Their friends and families helped, from taking care of their kids to decorating tables and bringing food for the reception.

They both had family members in their wedding party, and William’s dad married them.

“He’s been an ordained minister for many years,” William says of his dad. “We’re Native Americans, so he did like half traditional wedding and some Native prayers in there.”

“I liked the idea of having somebody who knew us on a deep personal level be the one to marry us,” Karly says. “It was just nice to incorporate all of our parents into it.”

William says his favorite memory from that day was singing a song he wrote for Karly during the ceremony.

“That was a lot of fun, ’cause I haven’t performed in a long time,” William says. “I got on one knee and looked at her the entire time.”

For Karly, the best thing was finally saying, “I do,” and forgetting about all the stress of anything that had ever happened.

“That day was the shortest, longest day of my life,” Karly says.

After celebrating with friends and family, they went for a short honeymoon to Whidbey Island and Auburn, but “it was hard to be away from the kids,” Karly says.

“Our life is our kids,” she says.

“We get bored fast without them,” William adds.

The Youngs live in Bellingham, and though they’ve had enough wedding planning for now, they don’t mind daydreaming about renewing their vows some time in the future.

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