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Daniel & Ariane Ringler

Ariane had her eye on Dan in 6th grade, and they graduated New London High School (Ohio) together in 1959. They were married June 15, 1963, after Ariane earned her teaching degree at Miami University of Ohio and Dan finished his veterinary degree at Ohio State. They spent their careers, raised their daughters (Laural Ringler of Bellingham; Amy Grabia of El Cajon, CA), and enjoyed years of car racing, sailing, friends, and family in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

After retirement and ten years adventuring around the USA in their motorhome Eldora, they now live in Bellingham and winter in San Diego so they may be actively involved with their three grandchildren: Noah, Dana, and Alexi. Dan and Ariane continue to enjoy boating, gardening, traveling and power-walking together. They are also terrific role models for a fun, active and loving relationship, and will be celebrating their 50th anniversary by boating to Poet’s Cove with their family.