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Steve Robey and Marcia Gentes

Steve Robey met Marcia Gentes on the evening of November 28, 1970 at a tavern in Coral Gables, Florida. They were both underage, Marcia seriously so at 18. It had already been one of the best days of Steve’s life, with his Miami Hurricanes upsetting the Florida Gators 14-13 in the swamp, and Steve receiving lineman of the week honors. Marcia was a vision in a black dress, and Steve’s day, and life, were about to get even better when she agreed to dance. Upon returning to his dorm, Steve told his room mate he had just met the love of his life.The Couple was married on August 12, 1972 in a sweltering Lutheran church in South Miami. They honeymooned at Disney World, which had just opened. Their 1964 Rambler broke down on the way. Steve got a job as a bill collector, working in Liberty City, Little Havana, Little Haiti, and Overtown, and Marcia worked for a company that made pacemakers. They struggled to pay the bills, and Steve quit his job almost every Friday, usually after being threatened or assaulted. Steve applied to law school, and was finally accepted (despite a low LSAT score) at Stetson after a year of praying every lunch time in the Gesu Catholic Church.

Marcia worked for an ophthalmologist and unselfishly put them through law school and never complained, despite being bored out of her mind and living on Sweet Sue chicken and dumplings. Marcia became very ill and had to have her thyroid removed, but fought back bravely to good health. Steve graduated in two years, third in his class, and landed a prime job in a prestigious Miami labor law firm, which he hated. Marcia began working in radio, and ultimately became the producer of Larry King’s radio show on WIOD. They enjoyed being young and childless in Miami, and lived and boated on a lake, until 1982, when their first child, Beau, was born. Beau was followed by Maureen in 1985 and Kevin in 1990. Not wanting to raise their kids in the wilds of Miami, the family moved to Bellingham in 1991, where they opened their law firm, and skied and boarded Mt. Baker every winter weekend. They still pinch themselves every morning at their good fortune in finding Hampsterville.

The kids are grown. Beau, 29, went to Oregon and was an offensive lineman for the Ducks Fiesta Bowl and PAC 10 champs. He then clerked with his dad and passed the bar last May and is working as a lawyer with his dad. Beau and his wife Jill gave Steve and Marcia a grandson, Riley, four years ago. Maureen, 27, is an instructor at Toni and Guy Academy on Railroad. Kevin, 22, is a cook on Oahu.

Marcia loves all things dance and social, is very active in Scottish and Cuban dancing, danced Flamenco with Teo and Isabel Morca and plays the bodrum in the Celtic group "Up in the Air". She has many great and close friends, is a gourmet cook, a wonderful hostess, and a terrific and loving wife. While she does not dote on Steve enough, she is kind and good to him. Steve loves his law practice, the piano, working out, reading, snow-boarding, and his family. The Couple loved traveling together, and with friends, to Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, and Scotland, and they hope to do more. They attribute their 40 years of marriage together to a deal they made when the kids were born: "Whoever files for divorce has to take the kids." They have cultivated and kept their senses of humor.