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Best Bite: More of Whatcom County’s best burgers

Readers gave us their favorite burger places in Whatcom County, including the newly remodeled Horseshoe Cafe in downtown Bellingham and its mushroom Swiss burger.
Readers gave us their favorite burger places in Whatcom County, including the newly remodeled Horseshoe Cafe in downtown Bellingham and its mushroom Swiss burger. The Bellingham Herald

My recent article on the top five local restaurants for a basic burger struck a chord among many readers, who thought their own favorite hangout had been slighted. I sent requests on Twitter and Facebook and received overwhelming feedback for hoppin’ hamburger joints like Win’s, Boomers, Good Burger, Fiamma Burger and Cosmos, local burger joints that are known for that certain je ne sais quoi.

Then the e-messages started.

“You missed Morrie’s, a great burger, and been around a long time,” wrote Waldo Wilcox.

“The Fork at Agate Bay has a pretty awesome burger!” chimed in Wendy Wall of Sudden Valley.

“Grant’s Burgers in Ferndale,” said Michelle Easton-Hayes from Sudden Valley.

And Steve Lieb let me know that “Nicki’s Bella Marina is way better.”

So here, in no particular order, is Round Two of the best burgers in Bellingham:

Morrie’s Drive-In

“The burgers at Morrie’s have been the same forever, full of flavor with a full complement of condiments,” Wilcox said.

This classic Northwest Bellingham drive-up is known for its flavorful burgers and fries that are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.

“The fries are crunchy because they use hot oil to sear and cook the potato, with less grease absorption. My favorite: double meat/cheese, no bacon, old standby,” Wilcox said.

2601 Birchwood Ave. 360-733-8812. Facebook: Morrie’s Drive-In

Splitz Grille

At Splitz Grille inside the Park Bowl, many folks like the mushroom and Swiss cheese burger, but Michelle Russell Cherry of Sudden Valley said that she prefers a basic burger.

“Park Bowl’s Splitz Grille makes a pretty good burger,” she said. “Maybe not better, but definitely on par” with Win’s, Fiamma and Boomers.

4175 Meridian St. 360-734-1430.

Fat Pie Pizza

Who orders a burger at a pizza joint? Lots of people, apparently — and all because of the Bison Bacon Burger, which features fresh bison meat from a ranch in Acme. Kitchen manager Daniel Weber said they hand-form the patties, add homemade aioli, bacon and Tillamook cheddar and put it on a brioche bun.

“ Fat Pie is ridiculously ‘da bomb,’ and everything they have there is wonderful,” raves Sue Parsons.

1015 Harris Ave. 360-366-8090.

Nicki’s Bella Marina

Lieb is equally emphatic about Nicki’s Bella Marina on the waterfront, which features the Quadruple Bypass and the 4 Alarm Burger, among other outrageous combinations. Nicki’s also offers a “Man vs. Food”-type eating challenge with a Fender Squire Stratocaster as the prize.

“I like that I can pull up on my boat, walk right in, and get an Ooey Gooey Bluey and almost need to take a shower after it and be full for three days,” Lieb said.

2615 S. Harbor Loop Drive. 360- 332-2505.

Horsehoe Cafe

Downtown’s venerable ’Shoe recently reopened after a remodeling project. Burgers include a Classic, a Double Stack and a Bacon Guacamole Burger.

“Horseshoe! Mushroom Swiss. You will not regret it,” said Jessica Staten of Sudden Valley.

113 E. Holly St. 360-933-4301.

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