Money matters, mom’s meddling, magic moments in new DVDs

Lizzy Caplan joins the magic team in “Now You See Me 2.”
Lizzy Caplan joins the magic team in “Now You See Me 2.” Summit Entertainment

Money, magic and moms are featured in this week’s DVD releases.

“Money Monster” Grade : Irate investor takes over a cable money show and threatens to set off a massive explosion. George Clooney and Julia Roberts star.

There’s always the possibility that the audience will lose interest in a movie where the plot is deeply entangled in money matters. But director Jodie Foster cashes in on the superb work of Clooney and Jack O’Connell to make sure there are never any monetary dull spots in “Money Monster.”

“The Meddler” Grade : A widow (Susan Sarandon) tries to figure out how to live her life without her husband. The efforts drive her daughter crazy.

“The Meddler” works because of Sarandon’s ability to show so much passive-aggressive love as Marnie. From a distance, her actions all seem to be the efforts of a woman with a massive heart who is willing to give big. Even her daughter’s friends wish that Marnie were their mother.

“Now You See Me 2” Grade : Notorious magicians are forced into one more spectacular stunt. The sequel is much stronger than the first film.

It starts out with another magical concept, but instead of the story droning to a lackluster end, the big reveal is both fun and full of original twists. It does not have nearly as many problems as the first movie.

“Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection” Grade : Any true fans of the original TV series will want this as part of their collection. It includes 30 Blu-ray discs that hold every episode of the original series, every episode of the animated series and the first six feature films.

There’s also two hours of footage chronicling the franchise’s 50-year journey.

Also new on DVD Sept. 6

▪ “The Flash: The Complete Second Season”: The team must find a way to stop the evil Zoom.

▪ “Tale of Tales”: Grown-up fairy tale full of princes and princesses, sorcerers and fairies and monsters and ogres.

▪ “R.L. Stine’s Mostly Ghostly: One Night in Doom House”: Only one enchanted jewel is needed to release an army of evil spirits.

▪ “Compadres”: Mexican cop and young hacker join forces.

▪ “Therapy for a Vampire”: Dr. Sigmund Freud takes on a vampire client.

▪ “Genius”: Examination of the relationship between editor Maxwell Perkins and writer Thomas Wolfe.

▪ “Equals”: Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart play star-crossed lovers.

▪ “All the Way”: Bryan Cranston stars as Lyndon Baines Johnson.

▪ “Nina”: Zoe Saldana portrays Nina Simone.

▪ “9/11 Inside the Pentagon”: Film looks at the attack on the military complex 15 years ago.

▪ “Honey 3: Dare to Dance”: Young dancer struggles to keep her passion alive.

▪ “CSI: Cyber: The Final Season”: Ted Danson joins the series about the team that deals with computer-based cases.

▪ “Fishes ’N Loaves: Heaven Sent”: California preacher must adjust to life in Arizona.

▪ “Road House”: The 1989 Patrick Swayze movie is on Blu-ray.

▪ “The Dead Room”: Something sinister guards a home’s horrifying secrets.

▪ “Urge”: Exotic vacation takes a dark turn.

▪ “Hard Target 2”: Disgraced mixed martial artist is in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

▪ “The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today”: This is the sixth installment in the Princess Alise series.

▪ “Friday the 13th: The Complete Series”: Antiques shop sells cursed items.

▪ “Peanuts: A Boy Named Charlie Brown”: Charlie Brown enters a national spelling bee.

▪ “South Park: The Complete 19th Season”: The animated adventures of Cartman and the gang continue.

▪ “Being Poirot”: David Suchet examines the reasons his Hercule Poirot character was so popular.

▪ “In-Lawfully Yours”: Even after a divorce, a woman helps her recently widowed mother-in-law. Chelsey Crisp stars.

▪ “Tales From the Darkside: The Complete Series”: Anthology series that features tales of terror.

▪ “Gerald R. Ford: A Test of Character”: Jeff Daniels narrates this look at the man who became president during a time of turmoil.

▪ “Ones Below”: Couple begin to worry about the new neighbors living in the apartment underneath them.

▪ “Love & Friendship”: Adaptation of Jane Austen’s novella “Lady Susan.”

▪ “The Bodyguard”: Actor/fight choreographer Sammo Hung returns to the director’s chair for this action film.

▪ “Foyle’s War Revisited”: John Mahoney hosts a behind the scenes look at the series.

Available on Digital HD Sept. 6:

▪ “Lola’s Last Letter”: Girl tries to piece her life back together after a huge mistake.

▪ “Being Charlie”: An 18-year-old battles drug addiction.

▪ “Free State of Jones”: Southern farmer leads rebellion against the Confederacy.

▪ “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows”: The Turtles must once again save the world.

▪ “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”: Plans to sell a home are threatened when a sorority moves in next door.

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