Theater: Kids’ plays in radio-show format at Mount Baker

Bellingham’s Midnight Mystery Players present a radio-show theater featuring the stories “Ondine” and “Hansel and Gretel” at 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 5, and Sept. 12 at Mount Baker Theatre’s Encore Room, 104 N. Commercial St.

Both children’s shows are fun for kids and adults. Sound-effects operators and costumed actors will perform in front of the audience in a radio-show format similar to “Let's Pretend,” a radio-show series that was a long-running CBS radio series for children.

“Ondine” is a play written in 1938 by French dramatist Jean Giraudoux. It tells the story of Hans and Ondine. Hans is a knight-errant sent on a quest by his betrothed. In the forest, he meets and falls in love with Ondine, a water sprite who is attracted to the world of mortal man.

“Hansel and Gretel” is the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm about two children left to fend for themselves in the woods. They stumble upon a house made of candy and occupied by an evil witch.

Both shows will be recorded and aired later on KMRE 102.3.

Suggested donation: $5 at the door. Details: midnightmysteryplayers.com.