Families: Watch the Perseid meteor shower Aug. 9-13

Although sharp-eyed skywatchers may be spotting a few meteors already, best viewing for the annual Perseid meteor shower is over the next few days, from Aug. 9-13.

Perseid meteors, which are sand-size bits of debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle, are so named because they appear to radiate from the constellation Perseus in the northeastern sky.

Peak viewing is the night of Wednesday, Aug. 12, according to stardate.org. Best viewing is in the wee hours after midnight.

To see meteors, go where you have an unobstructed view of the northeastern sky that’s away from bright city lights — such as the area around Artist Point (open all night, $5 pass required). Remember to dress warmly, bring a folding chair or blanket, and bring snacks or warm drinks. A flashlight with a red lens is helpful to avoid spoiling your night vision.

There’s a waning crescent moon Aug. 9, leading to a new moon Aug. 14, which will make viewing even easier.