Theater: Provocateurs show sass, sauce and campy fun at Cirque Lab

Bellingham cabaret troupe The Provocateurs offer two evenings of unpinned cabaret in “The Bustle Hustle” on Friday and Saturday, June 12-13, at Bellingham Circus Guild’s Cirque Lab, 1401 Sixth St.

In a turn-of-the-century theatrical coup, the Provocateurs explore the power of female relationships with a little sass, a little sauce and gobs of cheeky fun.

Here’s the plot: The Westmore Theater is the hottest joint in town; almost as hot as the brazen yet classy broads who make up its regular cast of characters. Unfortunately, the girls are in trouble when they learn the theater is in the tank. Before its curtains for the cabaret group, the gals have to come together and put on the newest and most titillating show sensation west of the Mississippi.

If you’ve ever watched a chick-flick or campy B-movie, you know they can’t get off that easy. Surely will surely be power-hungry super-villains, heartache, soul-searching, and a whole lot of dancing along the way. With compelling dance numbers, provocative old-timey costumes, and a brash and humorous script by writer and directer Rebecca Temple, “The Bustle Hustle” is for mature audiences; and is for ages 21 and older on Saturday.

Doors open at 8:30 p.m., shows start at 9. Admission is $10.

Details: See The Provocateurs on Facebook or e-mail Gwen at Bhamprov@gmail.com.