MUSIC: Musical humorists Lou and Peter Berryman return to Bellingham

Lou and Peter Berryman have been singing about their Midwestern roots, poking gentle fun at culture’s foibles and making a living at it for about 40 years. They return to Bellingham for a concert at 7 p.m. Sunday, March 29, at Nancy’s Farm, 2030 E. Smith Road.

The popularity of the duo —whose friendship survived a brief marriage in the ’70s —is a testament to their intelligent and wickedly funny material, including “Double Yodel,” “Why I Am Painting the Living Room,” and “The Alphabet Polka,” which is never bawdy or risque but is rich with wordplay and witty images.

Admission is $15. See a preview of them at louandpeter.com.

For directions to Nancy’s Farm, go to nancysfarm.com or call 360-966-4640.