Yogoman Burning Band diverse and eclectic

Yogoman Burning Band
Yogoman Burning Band Courtesy Photo

People from all over the states came together to form the seven-piece Yogoman Burning Band.

The band’s reggae and Jamacian influenced music is a mesh of all the backgrounds and influences of the members.

The variety of instruments, including saxophone, cornet and trombone, really brings the band’s energy together, infusing the crowd with their dance rhythm at live shows, and showcasing their talent creatively.

The band includes Norah McLaughlin on bass and vocals, Stell Newsom on guitar and vocals, Dan Lowenger on guitar, Thomas Akihiro Deakin on saxophone, Joel Ricci on cornet and Mars Lindgren on trombone.

The band’s frontman and drummer, Jordan Rain, moved from Seattle 12 years ago for the musical and social diversity in Bellingham. He had some of his own songs written, and brought together friends from the Bellingham music community to back him.

The band has many diverse influences, including Jamacian rap, New Orleans Brass, Carribean and African rhythms and early punk.

Many of the band members double dip, so to speak, and play in other local bands. Ricci is the main man in the band LaPush and Lowenger also plays with the Bucklebusters, Kasey Anderson and Bar Tabac, to name a few.

The Burning Band released their 12-track debut album in August.