Salmon anglers: Little Salmon River access maps and rules available here

Thanks to a recent land purchase and an access agreement with private landowners along the Little Salmon River near Riggins, chinook salmon anglers now have additional access to this popular fishery.

Anglers can see a new access map and rules here.

Anglers are reminded that special conditions are in place for the use of these properties, and continued access is dependent on their behavior. Fish and Game has posted signs that clearly identify the new access, along with the conditions of use.

Conditions include: No wading across the river; no use from 10:30 p.m. to 5 a.m.; no camping; no campfires; pack-in/pack-out your garbage; no shooting; dogs must remain under control; no launching of watercraft; no commercial use.

All property on both sides of the Little Salmon from its confluence with Rapid River downstream to U.S. 95 milepost 193 is private, but the access agreement targeting the west bank of this river stretch provides anglers access to many coveted fishing holes. This property is managed through cooperation with Little Salmon River Ranch and Idaho Fish and Game.

In addition, through a cooperative effort with the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Fish and Game purchased 5.2 acres on the highway side along the Little Salmon.

The property is just downstream of the bridge commonly known as “the swinging bridge.” Fish and Game has developed a parking area and walking paths that allow new public access to this river stretch.

The development provides anglers the opportunity to fish this stretch, and will also alleviate some of the difficulties anglers have finding a place to park. The owner of property upstream of the newly acquired parcel has also agreed to continue to allow access on the highway side