Beginners can learn the basics of fly casting during one-day class

Beginning fly fishermen can learn the basics of fly casting during a class on Sunday.

This single-day class will focus on angling equipment, leaders, knots and fly casting. The five-hour session combines instruction, demonstration and practice on local, private water. In addition, there is instruction on rod assembly and care, stance, hook removal as well as various casting techniques. A modest casting guide is free.

Instructors will be Darrel Martin, certified by the International Federation of Fly-Fishers in the United States and The Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors in the United Kingdom, and Michael Martin, an experienced guide and instructor.

If students have their own equipment (rod, reel and line), they should bring it. If needed, all equipment is available for free day-loan during the class. Students should also have rain gear, a brimmed hat, protective eyewear, lunch and drink.

The class will run from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., including travel time, meeting at the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Federal Way.

The cost is $50 (cash only) and includes a $30 deposit to reserve your spot. To ensure thorough instruction, the class size is limited. For registration and more information about this and other classes, contact Sportsman’s Warehouse at 253-835-4100.