Two-day ‘university’ focuses on salmon fishing techniques

Anglers wanting to improve their skills should consider attending the two-day Salmon University later in March in Kent.

For the ninth year, Tom Nelson of Salmon University is bringing together some of the best fishing experts in the Northwest for two days of sessions focusing on fishing techniques and destinations.

“The Northwest’s saltwater fishery is world-renowned,” said Nelson. “This year’s Salmon University will help both veteran and novice fishermen learn how to better fish Northwest waters.

“The university opens with a full-day series of seminars emphasizing basic angling principles and designed to build the foundation of the fisherperson’s technique,” Nelson added. “The second day of classes opens the field of instruction to developing advanced techniques and fishing style.”

Nelson said a new session added to the schedule this year will teach anglers how to properly smoke their catch.

“Also, because of the humpy year, we’ll focus a little more than usual on how to catch and care for humpies,” Nelson said.

Humpies, better known as pink salmon, return to Washington waters during odd-numbered years, and will do so next beginning in late July and August. The South Sound offers some of the best opportunities to catch pink salmon in the Puget Sound region.

This year’s class schedule features basic sessions on the first day, with more advanced sessions on the second day.

Day one offerings include downrigger fishing techniques, jigging for salmon and bottomfish, mooching techniques, and fishing destinations of Vancouver Island, Columbia River and Pacific Ocean.

The second day’s courses are crabbing and shrimping, halibut fishing techniques, advanced downrigger fishing, albacore tuna fishing, and additional information on the ocean and Columbia River fisheries.

INSTRUCTORS: Leading the sessions are Terry Rudnick, author of “Washington Fishing” and “How to Catch Trophy Halibut”; Anthony “Tuna” Warren, veteran crew member on “Bad To The Bone”; Terry Wiest of Steelhead University; Tom Pollack, a veteran of 45 years in the retail fishing industry; Josh Hughes, Columbia River basin fishing expert; Kevin Lanier, coastal salmon fishing expert; and Nelson.

WHEN: March 21-22.

WHERE: IBEW Conference Center, 19802 62nd Ave. S., Kent.

COST: $88 for the first day; $150 for the full weekend.

REGISTRATION: Advance registration is required. To register, visit salmonuniversity.com or call 360-626-8216.