Gear item for Dec. 27

Wearable reflectors

THE SITUATION: If want to add some reflectivity to your gear when outside, Amphipod’s Vizlet LED Wearable Reflectors are a great compact solution.

A SOLUTION: Available in a range of fun shapes including smiley faces, flowers and triangles, they have integrated magnets that snap to virtually any clothing or gear item, from a waistband to a hat. The included red LED strobe activates with the press of a button and flashes to make you visible during the darkest days of winter. Its ultrabright light and reflectivity allow it to be seen from more than half a mile away.

THE DETAILS: Unlike bulkier reflective gear like vests and belts, each Vizlet LED weighs less than a half ounce and can adapt to any size wearer. A CR2032 battery is included and can be replaced for reuse. They are available in three fluorescent colors (may vary depending on shape): orange, pink and yellow.

PRICE: For a single Vizlet, the prices is $9.95; price for a two-pack is $19.95.

AVAILABILITY: To purchase or find a list of retailers, visit amphipod.com.

Shelby Sheehan-Bernard, Tribune News Service