Gear for Nov. 8

Camping pizza oven

THE SITUATION: While it probably won’t make any camper’s essentials list, Camp Chef’s Italia Artisan Pizza Oven PZ90 could make the list of coolest accessories and a fun gift for any entertaining enthusiast. The semi-portable, open-face pizza oven cooks just like a wood-fired brick one, with a cordierite ceramic stone to make restaurant-worthy crusts.

THE DETAILS: Specifically designed to fit Camp Chef 16-inch cooking stoves, it can also work on any portable stove that fits. (Cooking times will vary, though.) Sitting atop a stove, it has fully adjustable heat, specially designed heat diffusion plates and a built-in temperature gauge to ensure perfect baking times. It’s also capable of baking bread and cookies for those with a post-pizza sweet tooth.

The oven’s cooking surface is 15 by 20 inches, with overall dimensions of 16 by 24 by 9 inches, making it large enough to cook two 12-inch pizzas at one time. It’s not designed for cooking far from your car, because it weighs 30 pounds.

PRICE: The Italia Artisan Pizza Oven PZ90 accessory is $171. It also is available in a smaller size and as a standalone unit. (Prices vary.)

AVAILABILITY: To purchase, visit campchef.com.

Shelby Sheehan-Bernard, Tribune News Service