Ski area season pass prices set to increase Nov. 1

The lifts aren’t yet going up, but season pass prices at local ski areas are about to.

Skiers and snowboarders looking to save money on a 2014-15 season pass need to act by Friday before ski areas increase rates to full price. South Sound resorts Crystal Mountain, Summit at Snoqualmie and White Pass are among those planning to increase prices Nov. 1.

An adult season pass will increase to $999 from $949 at Crystal Mountain, to $619 from $559 at the Summit at Snoqualmie and to $799 from $549 at White Pass. All three ski areas offer their least expensive rates in the spring before the coming season.

At Mt. Baker passes increase to $790 from $725 and at Mission Ridge passes increase to $525 from $475. At Stevens Pass the rate increases to $799 from $599. The biggest increase will be at 49 Degrees North, north of Spokane, where rates will climb to $725 from $399 on Saturday.

Daily pass rates for adults will be $68 ($76 including gondola access) at Crystal, $64 at the Summit, $62 at White Pass, $64-$69 (higher at peak times) at Stevens, $57 at Baker and $55 Mission Ridge.

At 49 Degrees North, ticket prices are decreasing this season. This season prices will be $54, down from $57 last season.