BASE jumper in critical condition after Tower Rock accident

A 38-year-old BASE jumper from Portland was injured Monday after leaping from Tower Rock near Randle, according to a statement released Tuesday by the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office.

The injured man’s two friends jumped first from the 3,300-foot rock in the Cispus Valley, according to the statement. When they didn’t see the man they went looking for him. A witness saw the man jump and hit the rock wall several times before his parachute fully deployed. The man then dropped into the woods.

The injured jumper was found by his friends at the base of the rock with multiple fractures to his legs. One of the friends hiked out and called 911. The Randle Fire Department, Packwood Search and Rescue and a U.S. Navy helicopter were involved in the rescue.

The Whidbey Island-based Navy helicopter hoisted the man out and took him to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center. He is in critical condition according to the report.