Sidley Lake

Known for both its shoreline access (thanks to the highway), a rarity in the Okanogan, Sidley also is a winter ice-fishing mecca. The daily trout limit is two. Sidley used top have Lahontan cutthroat because of its alkaline chemistry, but at only 22 feet deep it was subject to fish kills in the summer.

Angler notes: The current crop of rainbows are running 12-13 inches with some carryovers to 16 inches.

Open water: 116 acres.

Season: Year-round. Holds thick ice well

Angling quarry here: Rainbow and golden trout.

Stocking for 2008: 7,000 catchable rainbows.

Special rules: Two trout per day limit. For other gamefish, statewide size and bag limits apply.

Boat launch: WDFW gravel ramp middle north side

Getting there: Take Highway 20 to the Okanogan River valley. Drive north on Highway 97 to Oroville then east on Oroville-Toroda Road. Turn left on Molson Road and drive to lake.