Blue Lake

One of at least three so-named lakes in central Okanogan, this Blue is alkaline and features Lahontan cutthroat. Selective gear rules are in effect and anglers may take only one of the trophy cutts away each day.

Angler notes: The Lahontans are running up to 16 inches this year, but some real lunkers are reputed to be in the lake.

Open water: 80 acres.

Season: Last Saturday in April to October 31.

Angling quarry here: Lahontan cutthroat.

Stocking for 2008: 2,000 catchable Lahontans.

Special rules: Season plus selective gear rule applies, no minimum size but one trout per day limit. For other gamefish, selective gear rule in effect and statewide size and bag limits apply.

Boat launch: WDFW gravel ramp.

Getting there: Take Highway 20 to the Okanogan River valley. At Tonasket, drive north on the west valley highway almost to Oroville. Two miles before the Similkameen River bridge turn left on Golden Road and then left again on Blue Lake Road.