Palmer Lake

Qualifying as the Alice's Restaurant of Okanogan lakes, Palmer's expanses are best known for smallmouth bass and kokanee in the summer and in the winter, burbot (freshwater lings). It's one of a handful of Washington lakes with a fishable population. Its outlet probably lets a few rainbows from the Similkameen River.

Angler notes: Kokanee are running from 11-13 inches. A small resort has boats for rent. Palmer is quite deep, 79 feet, for its geophysical location in a cutoff channel of a river valley (Similkameen).

Open water: 2,063 acres.

Season: Year-round.

Angling quarry here: Kokanee, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow perch, crappie and burbot (freshwater lings).

Stocking for 2008: 159,917 kokanee fry.

Special rules: None, statewide size and bag limits apply. No set lines for burbot.

Boat launches: A BLM (federal) access with a concrete ramp at the north end and a DNR (state) gravel ramp at the south end.

Getting there: Take Highway 20 to the Okanogan River valley. At Tonasket drive north on the west valley highway, turn left on the Loomis-Oroville Road drive to Loomis and turn right on Sinlahekin Road and drive north about five miles.