Blue Lake

An old reservoir turned keystone fishing lake in the Sinlahekin Valley, Blue is managed for yields of bigger trout from among its spiny ray denizens.

Angler notes: Expect some of the browns to verge on 18 inches.

Open water: 160 acres.

Season: Last Saturday in April to October 31.

Angling quarry here: Rainbow and brown trout, plus sunfish.

Stocking for 2008: 11,999 fingerling rainbows and 2,156 brown trout fry.

Special rules: Season plus selective gear rule applies, no minimum size but one trout per day limit. For other gamefish, selective gear rule in effect and statewide size and bag limits apply.

Boat launches: A graveled ramp is at the south end.

Getting there: Take Highway 20 to the Okanogan River valley. Drive north from Omak past Riverside and turn left on Pine Creek Road. Drive west to Fish Lake and head north on Sinlahekin Road about four miles.