Davis Lake

Davis is the second Winthrop area lake on a split year-round schedule, that is intended to combine spring fishing with a later cropping of trout to make room for next year's fish.

Angler notes: This spring, the grown-in-lake yearling rainbows should be about 11 inches.

Open water: 39 acres.

Seasons: Year-round (April 1-Aug. 31 under catch and release selective fishery rules; Sept. 1 to March 31 catch and kill).

Angling quarry here: Rainbows.

Stocking for 2008: 2,000 catchable and 10,000 fingerling rainbows.

Special rules: Seasonal spring/summer catch and release with selective gear rule applies. For other gamefish and in fall winter period, statewide size and bag limits apply.

Boat launch: WDFW with a graveled ramp.

Getting there: Take Highway 20 to Winthrop, before crossing the Methow River get on Castle Avenue and drive southeast, turn left on Bear Creek Road drive up to Davis Lake road and turn right.