Lake Terrell

Known for its warmwater fishes, this sprawling shallow lake in recent years has taken on an additional claim to fame. It's a haunt for whopper trout, this spring receiving some 523 of the 1 1/2-pound triploid rainbows. A dock near the ramp offers the boat-less a chance, but given its lack of depth, trolling or prospecting for fish from a floating platform is your best bet.

Season: year-round.

Angler amenities: One fishing pier is located north of the headquarters area. The largemouth bass in this lake are good sized, a few approaching trophy size if they are not there already. The triploid plant is sometimes split between April and May.

Surface area: 438 acres.

Stocking for 2008: 523 triploid rainbows and some 12,000 cutthroat fry in past year.

In the catch: Largemouth bass, cutthroat trout, big rainbows, brown bullheads, yellow perch and pumpkinseed sunfish.

Special rules: seasonal ban on fishing from floating devices during waterfowl hunting season, first Saturday in September to following Friday and Oct. 1 to Jan. 31. Fishing from dock OK.

Boat launches: At headquarters area, WDFW concrete ramp with dock (no fishing from dock) and to at the east end of the shore road a rough gravel ramp.

Getting there: Take the Axton Road exit from Interstate 5 and drive through the city of Ferndale onto Mountainview Road heading west toward Alcoa's Intalco Aluminum plant. Turn right onto Lake Terrell Road.