Canyon Lake

Though reputed to be burdened with many stunted descendants of original Montana black-spotted (Westslope cutthroat trout) plants in the 1930-40s. A shallow, slide-made lake, there are many floating logs and standing snags. Unfortunately, the road used for public access is now washed out, so Canyon is a walk-in waterbody for the foreseeable future. The new hike is about four uphill miles.

Season: year-round.

Angler amenities: Canyon is out of the way and not fished too much, so be prepared for lots of small, but hungry trout. Take a few home for appetizers.

Surface area: 25 acres.

Stocking for 2008: none.

In the catch: cutthroat trout.

Special rules: none, statewide size and bag limits apply.

Boat launch: carry-in rough launch just east of the county parks road end.

Getting there: drive east on Mount Baker Highway about 18 miles to Welcome, turn right on Mosquito Lake Road and drive east across the Nooksack North Fork to Canyon Creek. Turn left, just before crossing the bridge, onto the gravel road, which, uphill, turns into a logging road. This road is now gated near the last house.