For: Black-tailed, white-tailed and mule deer.

Areas: Selected game management units (GMUs) across the state. Hunts started: Sept. 1.

Closed areas: Federal and state parks, incorporated areas (cities and towns) and Indian reservations, ex-cept as permitted.

Limits: One deer (in some units, at times either sex may be killed).

Licenses and tags: 2007 Washington big game hunting license that has deer as an option (up to ($72.27 for resident). Also a valid archery deer transport tag.

Weaponry: All legal archery tackle (longbow, re-curve and compound).

Special rules: Some GMUs have minimum antler point restrictions. Hunter orange garb required only if unit has a concurrent modern firearms deer or elk hunt underway.

Hunt ends: Sept. 30.

After the hunt: Successful archery hunters must report kill within ten days. Those who did not fill their tags must report effort including units and days hunted by Jan. 31 or a $10 penalty will be assessed.

In the regulations: Big Game Hunting Seasons and Rules 2007-08 pamphlet for seasons and open GMUs, page 18 (deer). See page 65 for basic archery tackle specifications (bow draw pounds-of-pull plus arrow weight and broad-head descriptions).

Upcoming: Warly archery elk opportunities open Sept. 8.