Interurban Trail: Flat, wide route wheelchair accessible at south end

This easy trail runs from Fairhaven to the south end of Larrabee State Park, making it a pleasant and quick route for bikes and horses, and a spectacular path for runners who like their trails with minimal hills.

Elevation gain: 160 feet.

Round trip: 10 miles.

Difficulty: Easy. The trail is largely flat, straight and wide. South of Arroyo Park, it’s wheelchair accessible.

Access: Pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists.

Best times: Year-round.

Highlights: After the start in Fairhaven, the city quickly melts away as the trail goes past gracious wetlands and into the shady gully of Arroyo Park. The way south is livened by a panorama of the San Juans, and the arcs of maple trees over the trail.

The Interurban connects to the Padden Creek Trail, the Lost Lake Trail, the Fragrance Lake Trail and paths to Clayton Beach and Teddy Bear Cove.

Maps: Local Knowledge Chuckanut map.

Getting there: There are several access points to the north end of the trail. The easiest to find is the Rotary Trailhead off Old Fairhaven Parkway. From there, turn left and follow the sidewalk for a short way until it joins the trail. The trail will lead east for a short way, before turning south.

The trail forks as it approaches Old Samish Parkway. Take the lower route; the upper one will lead you to a dead-end at what was the launching point for an old trestle. The trail goes down a set of stairs to Old Samish Parkway, crosses the street and ends up in Arroyo Park. Go across the bridge, up a set of switchbacks (these may be muddy) to continue through the park. The trail then continues south, paralleling Chuckanut Drive. Much of the trail is on private property, including a section that local residents use as a driveway. Please be considerate.

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