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A surprisingly good value, challenge

John Warner of Langley, B.C., pulls the flag for friend Steve Parker, also of Langley, on the 17th hole Saturday at Grandview Golf Course.
John Warner of Langley, B.C., pulls the flag for friend Steve Parker, also of Langley, on the 17th hole Saturday at Grandview Golf Course. LUKE HARRIS THE BELLINGHAM HERALD

Don’t let the laid-back atmosphere fool you.

Grandview Golf Course in Custer will test most golfers.

“We have a lot of people who come out here to play, such as the Whatcom Seniors, who play every course,” said Roger Beckt, who has worked in the Grandview pro shop for the past 11 years. “The always come here and think they can whip the course, and they don’t. This course is challenging — every bit of it.”

Though it may be known for allowing casual attire, Grandview’s length of 6,109 yards from the white tees is only 34 yards shorter than Semiahmoo Golf and Country Club, one of the county’s most well-known courses.

Despite that length, Beckt said the course is easily walkable.

That just adds to the value of Grandview.

“We’re pretty close to (Lake Padden Golf Course) and (Dakota Creek Golf and Country Club) in terms of our prices,” Beckt said in a phone interview. “A lot of people associated lower value with lower greens fees. They think this will be a less challenging course. But that’s is not the case.”

Beckt takes us on a quick tour of the course:

Signature hole

No 17

“Par 3. Yardage is 151 from the whites. It’s over a pond and has a big green. Just a gorgeous hole. One of those picturesque holes. A lot of people like that.”

Members’ favorite hole

No. 3

“Par 3. Most challenging because it’s 216 yards. They like the challenge of that one on the white tees … The green is banked up, so if you don’t get on, it’s tough to get the second shot near the pin. It’s a tough hole to get a par.”

Toughest hole

No. 7

“516 yards on the white tees. There are some ponds on this hole. It’s narrow driving off the tee to begin with. Placement of the second shot is important. You want to be on the left side, otherwise you have to go over a big tree to the green. Plus there is a sand trap on the right side. It’s a little more of target golf.”

Easiest hole

No. 10

“It is ranked as the easiest, because from the whites it’s 267 yards. It’s an easy one to get a birdie. For the big, long hitters, they can get on the green or right near it and have a chance to go for eagle.”

Toughest green to read

No. 13

“It’s the smallest green and built on a hill. In essence it’s the hardest because it is so small.”

Best risk-reward shot

No. 12 tee shot

Trying to drive over the creek on No. 12. It’s for long hitters only. The creek is about 250 yards out. It opens your second shot up, making it about 230 into the green if you can make. Some guys can hit it 270 or 280 with no problem.”

Hole not to underestimate

No. 13

“It’s target golf. Once again, your tee shot has to be good one or you have to lay up for the creek. Third shot has to be placed down the middle, because if you get on either side of the green it’s very hard to chip on. From the whites it’s 492 yards.”

Best hole to grip and rip it

No. 4

“350 yards. It’s somewhat wide-open, except for trees on the right side. Your second shot has a nice-sized green there, so you can shoot in for a birdie.”

Worst place for ball to land

No. 10 along left side

“It’s right along the trees and there’s a lot of long grass and a creek runs that through there. A lot of people like to get it close to that side, because it shortens the hole a bit. But if you go too far left, you’re in trouble.”


“Simplicity is down the middle. Try to stay right down the middle. That is the key, because we have trees and creeks along the side and some heavy rough. The course is not too long, so focus on target golf down the middle.”