Seattle Seahawks

Try our Seahawks trivia crossword puzzle

OK Seahawks fans, here’s your chance to see if you really deserve to be wearing that No. 12 on your back.

Test your knowledge of your team with franchise trivia in this Seahawks crossword puzzle. All names in the puzzle are last names only.

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2. Seahawks leader in sacks this season with 7.0.

5. Seahawks Ring of Fame inductee who helped redefine the safety position in the 1980s.

8. Seahawks offensive lineman who caught a TD on a fake field goal in the NFC Championship Game.

9. Last player selected in first round of the NFL Draft by the Seahawks.

10. Seahawks Ring of Fame inductee who is the team’s second-leading career rusher.

12. Favorite snack of Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

13. First Seahawks player inducted into team’s Ring of Fame in 1989.

15. Seahawks All-Pro free safety.

16. Seahawks player credited with first points in Super Bowl XLVIII win over Broncos.

22. Tacoma-area high school Jermaine Kearse graduated from.

23. Name of Seahawks longtime live hawk mascot who landed on a fan before the Nov. 9 game against the Giants.

25. Seahawks leading receiver in 2014 (66 receptions, 825 yards).

27. Seahawks starting right guard.

29. Meridian High School graduate who earned a preseason shot to make Seahawks before the 2013 season.

31. First majority owner of Seahawks franchise.

32. Seahawks record holder for career punt returns for a touchdown (4).

33. Linebacker who finished second on the team in tackles behind K.J. Wright this season (104 tackles).

34. Nickname of Seahawks home field (two words, no spaces).

35. Seahawks first home stadium.

42. Opponent in Seahawks’ first regular-season victory on Oct. 17, 1976.

43. Seahawks record holder for yards rushing in career (9,429).

45. Seahawks record holder for best single-season passer rating (101.2).

49. Player who played the most seasons (15) in a Seahawks uniform and played in the most games (218).

50. Name of Seahawks drumline (two words, no spaces).

51. First college player selected by the Seahawks in the NFL Draft.

52. Seahawks starting right cornerback.

54. Seahawks radio play-by-play announcer.

55. Nickname of Seahawks defensive backfield (three words, no spaces).

57. Seahawks hard-hitting Pro Bowl strong safety.

59. Seahawks record holder for most career sacks in career (98).

61. First coach in Seahawks history (1976-82).

62. Seahawks second-string running back.

63. Seahawks reserve cornerback in his second season out of LSU.

64. Seahawks fourth-year receiver out of Fort Valley State.

65. Nickname Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch got for his running style (two words, no spaces).


1. Seahawks starting center.

2. Heaviest player listed on Seahawks active roster (325 pounds).

3. Seahawks starting fullback.

4. Seahawks player who recovered onside kick in NFC Championship game.

6. “Emerald City,” which has been home to Seahawks since 1976.

7. Seahawks second-year defensive end out of Oklahoma who recorded a sack in a Week 16 win over Arizona.

11. Team that first used the term “12th Man” to describe its fans (two words, no spaces).

12. Seahawks general manager.

14. Division Seahawks played their first season (1976) in (two words, no spaces).

17. Seahawks Ring of Fame member who holds the record for most pass interceptions in his career (50).

18. City where Super Bowl XLIX will be played.

19. Seahawks left tackle who entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014.

20. Eighth head coach in Seahawks franchise history.

21. Name of 3,000-seat bleacher seating sections at the north end of CenturyLink Field.

24. Seahawks All-Pro cornerback.

25. Name of Seahawks mascot.

26. Seahawks record holder for yards passing in career (29,434).

28. First Seahawks player to score points in a Super Bowl.

30. Winningest coach in Seahawks franchise history (86 victories).

33. NFC division Seahawks currently play in.

35. Seahawks record holder for most passing touchdowns in career (195).

36. Stadium Seahawks played in during 2000 and 2001 seasons (two words, no spaces).

37. MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII victory over Broncos.

38. Opponent in Seahawks’ first postseason victory on Dec. 24, 1983.

39. Seahawks offensive coordinator.

40. Seahawks record holder for career kick returns for a touchdown (4).

41. Defensive tackle who signed with Seattle as a free agent from Minnesota before the 2014 season.

42. Team Seahawks coach Pete Carroll began his NFL coaching career with as a defensive backs coach in 1984.

44. Seahawks record holder for most tackles in career (984).

46. First Seahawks starting quarterback.

47. Former Seahawks coach credited with bringing “Ground Chuck” philosophy to Seattle.

48. Franchise owner that announced plans to move the Seahawks in 1996.

53. Fourth-leading rusher in the NFL this season with 1,306 yards.

56. Tallest player on Seahawks roster (6-foot-7).

57. Seahawks offensive line coach.

58. Seahawks starting left tackle.

60. Seahawks’ opponent in franchise’s first game on Sept. 12, 1976.


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