Seattle Mariners

Mariners to open 2016 MLB schedule April 4 at Texas

If there’s one scheduling constant in Major League Baseball, it’s that the Mariners will log more miles on the road than any other club. A lot more, in fact, than nearly all other clubs.

MLB released its 2016 schedule Tuesday morning for all 30 clubs and, yep, the Mariners will again be mileage kings at an estimated 48,811 miles. The Los Angeles Angels rank second at 44,729, followed by Oakland at 42,694.

No surprise.

The Mariners open the season with a three-game series at Texas from April 4-6. After an open date, they begin their home schedule on April 8 with the start to a three-game series against Oakland at Safeco Field.

American League West teams will be paired against teams from the National League Central. St. Louis (June 26-28), Pittsburgh (June 28-29) and Milwaukee (Aug. 19-21) will come to the Northwest.

The Mariners have trips to Cincinnati (May 20-22), Pittsburgh (July 26-27) and the north side of Chicago (July 29-31) for three games against the Cubs.

The annual Vedder Cup against the Padres again covers four consecutive days — May 30-31 at Safeco and June 1-2 at San Diego.

Toronto’s annual visit to Safeco comes late in the year: Sept. 19-21. Other notable home series include Boston (Aug. 1-4) and the New York Yankees (Aug. 22-24).

The Mariners have three three-city trips:

▪  April 15-24 (nine games): at New York (three), Cleveland (three) and Los Angeles Angels (three).

▪  June 14-23 (10 games): at Tampa Bay (three), Boston (three) and Detroit (four).

▪  July 22-31 (eight games): at Toronto (three), Pittsburgh (two) and the Chicago Cubs (three).

The season’s longest homestand is 10 games from Aug. 1-10 against Boston (four), Los Angeles (three) and Detroit (three). The season ends with four home games against Oakland from Sept. 29-Oct. 2.

The Mariners’ estimated road mileage is more than this season (43,254) but less than 2014 (51,634).





June 30-July 3

vs. Baltimore

April 4-6

at Texas

July 4-6

at Houston

April 8-10

vs. Oakland

July 7-10

at Kansas City

April 11-13

vs. Texas

July 11-14

All-Star break

April 15-17

at N.Y. Yankees

July 15-17

vs. Houston

April 19-21

at Cleveland

July 18-20

vs. Chicago White Sox

April 22-24

at L.A. Angels

July 22-24

at Toronto

April 25-27

vs. Houston

July 26-27

at Pittsburgh (NL)

April 29-May 1

vs. Kansas City

July 29-31

at Chicago Cubs (NL)

May 2-4

at Oakland

Aug. 1-4

vs. Boston

May 5-8

at Houston

Aug. 5-7

vs. L.A. Angels

May 9-11

vs. Tampa Bay

Aug. 8-10

vs. Detroit

May 13-15

vs. L.A. Angels

Aug. 12-14

at Oakland

May 17-19

at Baltimore

Aug. 15-18

at L.A. Angels

May 20-22

at Cincinnati (NL)

Aug. 19-21

vs. Milwaukee (NL)

May 23-25

vs. Oakland

Aug. 22-24

vs. N.Y. Yankees

May 27-29

vs. Minnesota

Aug. 25-28

at Chicago White Sox

May 30-31

vs. San Diego (NL)

Aug. 29-31

at Texas

June 1-2

at San Diego (NL)

Sept. 2-4

vs. L.A. Angels

June 3-5

at Texas

Sept. 5-8

vs. Texas

June 6-9

vs. Cleveland

Sept. 9-11

at Oakland

June 10-12

vs. Texas

Sept. 12-14

at L.A. Angels

June 14-16

at Tampa Bay

Sept. 16-18

vs. Houston

June 17-19

at Boston

Sept. 19-21

vs. Toronto

June 20-23

at Detroit

Sept. 23-25

at Minnesota

June 24-26

vs. St. Louis (NL)

Sept. 26-28

at Houston

June 28-29

vs. Pittsburgh (NL)

Sept. 29-Oct. 2

vs. Oakland


Seattle Mariners: 48,811

Los Angeles Angels: 44,728

Oakland Athletics: 42,694

Houston Astros: 41,315

San Francisco Giants: 41,153

Los Angeles Dodgers: 40,962

Texas Rangers: 39,528

San Diego Padres: 37,402

Boston Red Sox: 37,359

Tampa Bay Rays: 37,082

Miami Marlins: 36,266

Arizona Diamondbacks: 35,349

New York Yankees: 35,105

Toronto Blue Jays: 34,266

Colorado Rockies: 33,534

Baltimore Orioles: 32,286

Minnesota Twins: 30,128

Atlanta Braves: 29,175

Kansas City Royals: 29,004

Philadelphia Phillies: 28,966

Chicago White Sox: 28,281

New York Mets: 27,890

St. Louis Cardinals: 27,023

Detroit Tigers: 26,736

Pittsburgh Pirates: 26,588

Milwaukee Brewers: 26,426

Chicago Cubs: 26,214

Cleveland Indians: 25,342

Washington Nationals: 25,205

Cincinnati Reds: 25,026