High School Football

3-QB system allows Lummi to diversify offense

Quarterbacks are relied upon for a lot in football, but maybe even more so in Lummi’s system.

“They’re able to run the ball from the quarterback position from the shotgun and throw and also be a lead blocker,” Lummi coach Jim Sandusky said. “We use our quarterbacks in all phases of the game, and Hank (Hoskins) and Austin (Brockie) did a good job of that through the regular season, into the playoffs, and I thought they did a good job of it tonight.”

The diverse skillsets of the Blackhawks quarterbacks were on full display in their 26-20 loss to Neah Bay in the semifinals of the Class 1B state football playoffs on Saturday, Nov. 29, at the Tacoma Dome.

Each of Lummi’s three quarterbacks, Hoskins, Brockie and Jonathan Casimir, has a particular set of skills that Sandusky likes to use, Hoskins said.

“Some of us can throw short passes; some of us can throw deep passes; some of us are just accurate more than others,” he said. “I’m kind of more of a running quarterback than an in-the-pocket quarterback.”

Brockie utilized his accuracy to complete seven of his first eight pass attempts for 57 yards. Brockie’s connection with his receivers wasn’t just a product of the past week’s work, though.

Brockie practices passing with the Blackhawks receivers before and after each practice to get some extra work, he said.

“Guys were getting open, doing the right routes,” he said.

Brockie only became one of Lummi’s part-time quarterbacks near the end of the season, which allowed it to use early-season starter Hoskins in a receiver role more. Brockie finished the game 9 for 17 passing for 65 yards.

The multi-quarterback system allowed Lummi the opportunity to run a reverse pass play that almost fooled the Red Devils’ defense.

Hoskins took the snap and passed it backwards across the field to Brockie, who held it to draw in the defense before passing it the width of the field back to Hoskins. Neah Bay had a defender right there to take Hoskins down, but the play was just a sample of how the duo could be used together.

Both said they learned a lot of what they know from a former Blackhawks quarterback.

“We both learned from Logan Toby,” Hoskins said. “He told us to make sure our head wasn’t all over the place — that we had our cool and keep our head in the game.”

Hoskins finished the game 3 for 7 passing for 60 yards. He also rushed for a pair of touchdowns, while Brockie accounted for the other with his legs.

The other Lummi quarterback, Casimir, entered the game in what appeared to be longer passing situations, as he tried to hit receivers streaking down the field. He finished 1 for 4 passing for 6 yards. Sandusky described him as a little more accurate passer in certain situations.

With two of the Blackhawks quarterbacks also playing wide receiver, their base formation ends up looking like a modified Wildcat offense.

The system allowed Lummi to capitalize on the athleticism of each quarterback. Brockie and Hoskins showed the rushing dynamic of their game, as they combined for 21 rushes for 60 yards, mostly from the quarterback position.

If not for a handful of big plays by Neah Bay, the athletic and multitalented Blackhawks quarterback trio may have led them to a title game.