High School Football

Behind the Facemask with Squalicum’s Coleman Schwab

Year: Senior

Height: 6-foot-2

Weight: 175 pounds

Positions: Wide receiver/defensive back

Question: How did you first start playing football?

Answer: Started playing flag football with my buddies and had my dad as a coach back in kindergarten.

Q: What do you like most about playing football?

A: I love the team aspect and getting to conquer opponents with my brothers.

Q: What is your favorite part of game night?

A: The crowd noise and the feeling you get when there is a big play and the student section goes nuts.

Q: What is your favorite football memory?

A: Winning against Sedro-Woolley by one point my sophomore year when Nick Manchester drilled the quarterback, caused a fumble and we recovered, winning the game with just a few seconds left.

Q: What is your favorite play to run on game night and why?

A: I love it when coach decides to go Downtown Freddy Brown (translation: throw the ball deep).

Q: Who is the funniest guy on your team and why?

A: Jack Wendling. He is more weird than funny, but that’s what we love about him.

Q: What is your usual/favorite pregame meal?

A: Footlong oven roasted turkey breast on Italian bread from Subway.

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals/superstitions?

A: A few guys and I always do a quick prayer together on the sidelines. We go full speed on game night and leave the rest for God to decide.

Q: Is there a reason you chose your jersey number?

A: My birthday in Nov. 3rd, so it has kind of become my go-to number for all sports.

Q: What position, other than the ones you currently play, would you like to try and why?

A: I would love to play quarterback. I mean if Christian Jorgensen can do it, why can’t I?

Q: What drill do you dislike running the most in practice?

A: I don’t dislike any of the drills. Our coaches won’t make us do anything that won’t make us better. OK, except maybe gassers…

Q: Do you root for the Huskies or Cougars and why?

A: I definitely bleed purple and gold.

Q: Who is your favorite NFL player and why?

A: Wes Welker. He has such amazing speed and talent for a smaller guy, which gives everyone hope to be able to play at the next level.

Q: What do you think is the best sports movie and why?

A: “The Waterboy.” Adam Sandler cracks me up, and hey, it has a pretty good moral to it as well.

Q: What other sports do you like to play?

A: I used to play baseball and basketball, but I think I’ll be running track this year.

Q: What do you plan to do after you are done with high school?

A: Attending a four-year university, study business marketing and management and hopefully playing some football.

Q: What other hobbies do you have?

A: I like to listen to music and hang out with friends.

Q: What is the most played song on your phone/iPod?

A: Rockie Fresh “God Is Great.”

Q: What is your favorite TV show and why?

A: “Breaking Bad.” It has a crazy interesting story line and amazing acting.

Q: What is your favorite video game?

A: I hardly ever play video games, but when I do, I love the classic NCAA football games

Q: What is your most favorite and least favorite class in school and why?

A: Most favorite: Comparative Religions, because we get the chance to learn about the cultures and religions of different people around the world. Least favorite: I don’t have a least favorite (my teachers would hurt me if I say otherwise).

Q: Who is your favorite follow on Twitter, and why?

A: @itstbiscuit (Tavo O’Connell), because he is hilarious.