High School Sports

Rusnak hurdles to state title

Lynden Christian’s Hannah Rusnak won the state title in the 100 hurdles at the Class 1A State Championships on Saturday, May 30, at Eastern Washington University.

This title is the third one Rusnak won during the 2015 championships. Also winning the 4x100 relay title Saturday and the long jump title Friday.

But that didn’t stop her from posting a winning time of 14.71 seconds. Even with all of the nerves she was feeling at the start of her day.

“Since that was my first race of the day for me, it was definitely one of the more races out of all of them where I was nervous,” Rusnak said in a phone interview.

For Lynden Christian coach Kent De Hoog, he just wanted to make sure Rusnak was staying healthy and hydrated in the eastern Washington weather.

“We were concerned for Hannah’s sake,” he said in a phone interview. “For all she has had to do in the heat.”

As a sophomore, Rusnak will be taking home three state titles. And with two more seasons to go, she is still looking to improve on this performance.

“I’m pretty proud of my performance at state,” she said. “It’s a relief to have it all over.”

Over for now at least, as Rusnak has plans in the off-season to improve for the next season already.

“This summer and through winter I’m going to be training more than I have been,” Rusnak said. “Hopefully that will take me to a higher level and toward my main goal.”

And Rusnak has three state titles to go along with the team title Lynden Christian won as well.

“I’m just proud of my team. I don’t know what I would do without them,” Rusnak said.