High School Sports

‘Dorr Duo Delivers’ state title

Squalicum’s Dorr twins, Kim and Rachel, claimed the Class 2A state girls’ doubles title in the toughest way possible.

Along the way, the irrepressible juniors made all sorts of school history.

The Dorrs fended off a long, compelling challenge from Sehome seniors Simone Hall and Taylor Harris to take the title, 6-3, 5-7, 6-4, in the Class 2A State Championships at the University’s of Washington’s Nordstrom Tennis Center on Saturday, May 30.

Starting with coach Joe O’Brien, the tall, talented and tenacious Dorrs hugged dozens of family, friends, soccer and tennis teammates and anyone else in reach of their long arms.

“Just call it ‘The Dorr Duo Delivers’ ” the girls said with a big laugh in typical twin style — totally together.

Indeed, O’Brien confirmed that the Dorrs, well, delivered the first state tennis title, for girls or boys, in the Storm’s 17-year history.

“To do it, Kim and Rachel beat the second, third, fourth and fifth place medal winners,” O’Brien said. That feat may have been done before, but surely not often.

What no one had ever seen before was a Squalicum tennis title won by anyone who had never won at either district or sub-district.

“They are such tough competitors,” Kim Dorr said of the ever-hustling Sehome pair, who finished 10-2 in the post-season, including the district title over the Dorrs. “This was sure not easy. I think we went to deuce 50 times.”

Rachel Dorr was overwhelmed with emotion when told she helped deliver Squalicum’s first state title.

“It means so much,” said Rachel, who returned to tennis after a knee injury cost her seasons in tennis and soccer. “It’s an incredible feeling knowing I contributed.”

Kim, who has played doubles with her sister since they were 10, was likewise feeling emotional.

“It’s such an amazing feeling to represent our school like this,” said Kim, who is such an intense athlete that she found a way to score the state title-winning goal in the final minutes of Squalicum’s 2-1 win over Shorecrest six months ago while Rachel screamed with excitement.

The Dorrs said they pumped themselves up by watching the gritty film “Unbroken” two days earlier.

“If we take it (the best Sehome had to offer), we can make it,” Kim said they told themselves, echoing the theme of the film.

The Dorrs said they thoroughly enjoyed their first trip to state together.

“It was so cool that the city of Bellingham sent all three doubles teams to state,” said Rachel. “Everyone was so friendly here. I literally could talk with anyone.”

Rachel said her volleys and overheads were her major contribution, while Kim’s backhand may never have been better.

“Kim has a killer backhand,” Rachel said. “I don’t want to mess with her. I wouldn’t want to face that.”

Likewise, Kim said Rachel “just fired me up a lot. She played at the net so well.”

O’Brien said the sisters “just really came in ready to play.”

“They practiced with great intensity. I think their two wins Friday (both in three sets) really got them ready. I think that stems from their soccer experience. They just don’t let anything bother them.”