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Squalicum defeats Lynden 86-83

Squalicum’s boys’ swimming team defeated Lynden 86-83 on Tuesday, Jan. 13, at the Lynden YMCA.

The Storm won nine of the 11 events that took place in the meet. The most exciting event came at the end of the meet with the 400 freestyle relay.

“Lynden had quite a bit of a lead going into the final leg of the 400 free relay. Rowan (King) had to do his near-best time to get that win for us,” Squalicum coach Randy Elsner said in a phone interview.

Kean Rouse, a swimmer for Squalicum from Blaine, unofficially placed first in the 200 freestyle. But Jeremy Gray officially won the race with a time of 2:13:55.

Both the Storm and the Lions had swimmers not compete due to illness, adding to the intensity of the meet.

“I was sweating a little bit going in, knowing how many guys I had out,” Elsner said.

Squalicum will take on Bellingham next at 3:15 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 15, at Arne Hanna Aquatic Center. Lynden will swim against Burlington-Edison next at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 29, at the Fidalgo Pool.

Squalicum 86, Lynden 83

200 medley relay: Squalicum (Matt Lovell, Rowan King, Winter Gariss, Jonathan Hegeberg) 1:56:64; 200 freestyle: Jeremy Gray (Squalicum) 2:13:55; 200 individual medley: Rowan King (Squalicum) 2:14:09; 50 freestyle: Daniel Traina (Lynden) 00:27:14; Diving: none; 100 butterfly: Matt Lovell (Squalicum) 1:07:95; 100 freestyle: Jonathan Hegeberg (Squalicum) 00:58:45; 500 freestyle: Jeremy Gray (Squalicum) 6:18:59; 200 freestyle relay: Lynden (Jordan Thompson, Daniel Traina, Evans, Kyle Pritchard) 1:49:26; 100 backstroke: Rowan King (Squalicum) 1:03:66; 100 breaststroke: Jonathan Hegeberg (Squalicum) 1:10:94; 400 freestyle relay: Squalicum (Matt Lovell, Jeremy Gray, Jack Curnow, Rowan King) 4:09:49.