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Ferndale splits their double dual

Ferndale’s wrestling team split their matches at the Mariner Double Dual with a 41-18 win against Mariner and a 33-27 loss against Everett on Friday, Dec. 5.

Wyatt Croy pinned his opponent in 3:31, and Braden Klime pinned his opponent in 2:36 in their matches against Mariner.

“We were definitely the most aggressive team,” Ferndale assistant coach Danny Brocker said in a phone interview. “We missed some of our number one guys in our match against Everett.”

The missing guys for Ferndale proved to be huge in the six-point loss against Everett.

Ferndale wrestles next at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 6, in the Wrestlerama at Stanwood.

Ferndale 41, Mariner 18

106: Josh Coballef (Ferndale) forfeit; 113: Brock Graves (Ferndale) def. Levi Weaver 7-3; 120: Carson Trolinaer (Ferndale) forfeit; 126: Eli Croy (Ferndale) def. Tetro Sabchuk 18-2; 132: Devin Bennett (Ferndale) def. Kevin Match 5-4; 138: Wyatt Croy (Ferndale) pinned Josh Giron 3:31; 145: Noah Saenz (Ferndale) def. Ramon Ozuna 11-3; 152: J.J. Walker (Mariner) def. Cory Slaughter 14-11; 160: Braden Klime (Ferndale) pinned Damon Doph 2:36; 170: Pavel Sabchuck (Mariner) pinned Miguel Mungairo 4:57; 182: Charnjit Mattu (Ferndale) forfeit; 195: Sam Cleary (Ferndale) def. Alex Tran 19-4; 220: Nazary Basilchenko (Mariner) def. Nate Carlson 7-5; 285: Daniel Huynh (Mariner) def. Patrick Cocon 4:31.

Everett 33, Ferndale 27

106: Stephon Grosa (Everett) def. Josh Coballef 2-0; 113: Steve Underhill (Everett) pinned Brock Graves 1:03; 120: Carson Trolinaer (Ferndale) pinned Ryan Arboleea 3:52; 126: Eli Croy (Ferndale) pinned Riley Solheim 5:55; 132: Patrick West (Everett) def. Devin Bennett 3-2; 138: Joel Delgadillo (Everett) def. Wyatt Croy 11-2; 145: Bryan Sanchez (Everett) def. Noah Saenz 5-4; 152: Cory Slaughter (Ferndale) def. Brett Allred 14-11; 160: Braden Klime (Ferndale) pinned Michael Allred 5:21; 170: Christian Zqdadi (Everett) def. Miguel Mungairo 10-1; 182: Jasen Bertesen (Everett) def. Charnjit Mattu 3-1; 195: Anthony Brown (Everett) def. Sam Cleary 7-6; 220: Rick Stewzat (Everett) def. Nate Carlson 11-0; 285: Patrick Cocon (Ferndale) pinned Cash Hetem 3:31.