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Aguilera leads Ferndale

Ferndale’s boys’ cross country team took the pack mentality to a new level, claiming the 8th through 12th spots, which from highest to lowest was only seven seconds apart, on Wednesday, Sept. 24, at Hovander Park.

Ahead of the five-man Golden Eagles bunch was Roberto Aguilera, who finished second, and Arthur Rankin, who finished sixth. The five-man pack included Matthew Steiber, Cole Bergquist, Zach Sulak, Jacob Ramirez and Logan King.

Anacortes took the win with Dylan Holland running a time of 16 minutes, 57 seconds over five kilometers.

Mount Baker’s Jesse Phan finished fifth with an 18:17. Behind him for Mount Baker was Mitchell Pelzer, Keenan Gray, Caleb Forbes and Raiven McCormick.

At Hovander Park


Team scores: No information provided.

Top finishers: 1. Dylan Holland (Anacortes); 2. Roberto Aguilera (Ferndale) 17:02; 3. James Parker (Anacortes) 17:20; 4. Trevor Derie (Anacortes); 5. Jesse Phan 18:17.

Ferndale: 1. Roberto Aguilera 17:02; 2. Arthur Rankin 18:58; 3. Matthew Steiber 19:09; 4. Cole Bergquist 19:12; 5. Zach Sulak 19:14, 6. Jacob Ramirez 19:15; 7. Logan King.

Mount Baker: 1. Jesse Phan 18:17; 2. Mitchell Pelzer 19:18; 3. Keenan Gray 19:19; 4. Caleb Forbes 20:53; 5. Raiven McCormick 22:17, 6. Casey McHugh 22:22; 7. Christopher Spring 23:00.