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Sehome tops Anacortes, Nooksack Valley, Lynden

While not as dominant as the boys, Sehome’s girls’ cross country team still handily won against Anacortes, Nooksack Valley and Lynden on Wednesday, Sept. 10, at Lake Padden Park.

Emily Pittis took home the individual victory, topping teammate Ellie Rowan Arnett by 42 seconds.

“The kids showed real mature racing mentality,” Sehome coach Kevin Ryan said in a phone interview.

Anacortes finished second and Nooksack Valley and Lynden didn’t have enough participants to register team scores.

Sehome will host the Sehome Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 13.

At Lake Padden Park

2.6 miles

Team scores: Sehome 21, Anacortes 40, Nooksack Valley n/a, Lynden n/a.

Top finishers: 1. Emily Pittis (Sehome) 16:15; 2. Ellie Rowan-Arnett (Sehome) 16:57; 3. Heather Hanson (Anacortes) 17:15; 4. Grace Dzieciuch (Anacortes) 17:18; 5. Aili Emory (Sehome) 17:23.

Sehome: 1. Emily Pittis (Sehome) 16:15; 2. Ellie Rowan-Arnett (Sehome) 16:57; 3. Aili Emory (Sehome) 17:23; 4. Jessa Clark (Sehome) 17:31; 5. Kate Rose (Sehome) 17:31.

Nooksack Valley: 1. Amy Murphy (Nooksack Valley) 17:35; 2. Pearl Morris (Nooksack Valley) 19:34; 3. Michaela Yonkman (Nooksack Valley) 27:22.

Lynden: 1. Kornelija Houston (Lynden) 20:11; 2. Emily Rick(Lynden) 21:14; 3. Stephanie Johnston (Lynden) 21:53; 4. Morgan Nims (Lynden) 22:52.