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Meridian’s star runners win big

Meridian’s cross country team had both the boys’ and girls’ top finishers but only captured a team victory on the boys’ side on Wednesday, Sept. 10, at Lynden Christian High School. On the girls’ side it was Lynden Christian that took the tiebreaker from Ferndale to snag the team victory.

Meridian’s Collin Magnusson was mighty impressive in taking the boys’ individual win, beating all runners by at least 26 seconds.

“He took the lead from the start and ran strong from the front,” LC coach Darren Postma said in a phone interview.

On the girls’ side it was the Trojans’ Mimi Meggison who topped second-place finisher, LC’s Sarah Ball, by more than 30 seconds. Despite falling to second, LC showed off its depth to overcome Meridian and Ferndale, which both had two top-five finishers.

“Our depth got us the win,” Postma said. “For the first meet of the year, all the girls ended up with PRs for the two-mile course. Starting off the season and kicking off the rust and for us all to end with PRs, it’s hopefully a good sign for things to come.”

LC’s boys finished third (49 points) behind Meridian (28 points) and Ferndale (47 points) but Postma was pleased with the peformance.

“We’re trying to run nice, controlled races, so they’re just learning how to pace themselves,” Postma said. “Meridian has a good team with three of the top four runners today. Their strength this season is going to be good quality depth.”

Ferndale and Lynden Christian will race again on Saturday, Sept. 13, at the Sehome Invitational.

At Lynden Christian High School

2 miles

Team scores: Meridian 28, Ferndale 47, Lynden Christian 49

Top finishers: 1. Collin Magnusson (Meridian) 10:19; 2. Roberto Aguilera (Ferndale) 10:45; 3. Derek Morrow (Meridian) 11:02; 4. Derek Holz (Meridian) 11:16; 5. Josh Lingbloom (Lynden Christian) 11:24.

Meridian: 1. Collin Magnusson (Meridian) 10:19; 2. Derek Morrow (Meridian) 11:02; 3. Derek Holz (Meridian) 11:16; 4. Riley Hawkins-Hecock (Meridian) 11:34; 5. Levi Morrow (Meridian) 12:17.

Ferndale: 1. Roberto Aguilera (Ferndale) 10:45; 2. Matthew Steiber (Ferndale) 12:10; 3. Kayle Widmer (Ferndale) 12:11; 4. Wesley Cruse (Ferndale) 12:15; 5. Zach Sulak(Ferndale) 12:28.

Lynden Christian: 1. Josh Lingbloom (Lynden Christian) 11:24; 2. Jon Wiley (Lynden Christian) 11:24; 3. Jack VanderGriend (Lynden Christian) 11:57; 4. Eric Steiger (Lynden Christian) 12:13; 5. Collin Roosendaal (Lynden Christian) 12:54.

At Lynden Christian High School

2 miles

Team scores: Lynden Christian 39, Ferndale 39, Meridian 46

Top finishers: 1. Mimi Meggison (Meridian) 12:56; 2. Sarah Ball (Lynden Christian) 13:27; 3. Jillian Anderson (Ferndale) 13:35; 4. Angie Rooth (Ferndale) 13:39; 5. Dena Andrushenko (Meridian) 13:44.

Lynden Christian: 1. Sarah Ball (Lynden Christian) 13:27; 2. McKenzie Young (Lynden Christian) 13:48; 3. Ketta Vanden Bos (Lynden Christian) 14:27; 4. Julia Morris (Lynden Christian) 14:28; 5. Brianna Rutgers (Lynden Christian) 14:38.

Ferndale: 1. Jillian Anderson (Ferndale) 13:35; 2. Angie Rooth (Ferndale) 13:39; 3. Jana Peterson (Ferndale) 14:06; 4. Katherine Chamblin (Ferndale) 14:24; 5. Angie Van Beek (Ferndale) 15:28.

Meridian: 1. Mimi Meggison (Meridian) 12:56; 2. Dena Andrushenko (Meridian) 13:27; 3. Tiana Pratt (Meridian) 14:35; 4. Ashley Vandentop (Meridian) 14:44; 5. Madison Holz (Meridian) 15:06.