High School Sports


Name: Mark “Scrub” Hubner

What he coaches: Bellingham tennis

Outside of coaching: Former Bellingham High School teacher, now teaches at Bellingham Technical College

How he got there: “I was the assistant coach with Steve (Chronister, Bellingham head coach) for the last couple of years before I retired from the Bellingham School District and I think this year his son was going to do it. I think that last minute some job came up and he couldn’t do it and Steve called and asked if I could come back and, well …”

Why he likes it: “Tennis is hard to beat in a lot of ways. You’re outdoors, you’re working with kids that really want to be there, they’re fun to work with and they’re motivated.”

Seeing results: “At the high school level, with tennis, you see such improvement with players over the season. Some of these fresh-man players come out, and if you see a couple returns back and forth, that’s improvement. Then they grow and mature into the varsity and there’s amazing progress. I can’t tell you how much I love being a part of that.”

From rivals to partners: “I used to be head coach at Bellingham back around the early 90s. In those days I was coaching against Steve — he was the head coach over at Sehome — and back in those days, Bellingham routinely had ‘its lunch fed to them’ by Se-home. Steve was always the opposing coach and now working with him is great.”

When it comes down to it: “If it wasn’t fun I don’t think I’d be there.”

Out of the classroom: “Having been in education for 30-plus years, just being around kids is great. When you’re around kids in a situa-tion where you don’t have to grade them and you can see them at their best and help them achieve their best — it’s just great.”

Being the assistant: “It’s so much fun. There isn’t a lot of pressure on me. I try to help Steve as much as I can, but basically I get to have fun, and I get to have fun with kids who are having fun.”

Fun memories: “My last year of coaching (prior to this season), I was coaching in ’05 with Steve, we were, I think, running such a fun program that we were getting a ton of kids out. I shake my head at this now, but we didn’t want to cut anyone. We had literally 40 girls on the JV squad. We had to split JV practice in half so we could give that attention to everyone, it was crazy but it was fun.”

How long he’ll continue: “This is one of those things where as long as it fits in with what ever I’m doing, it’s something that I think I’ll continue to do.”

Bellingham coach Steve Chronister on Hubner: “We think alike on so many things and he’s so easy to get along with. I can leave a practice and know everything’s completely under control. Scrub’s got it figured out and I have complete confidence in him. He knows how to win, but not at the expense of the kids.”