Whatcom County girls' swimming top marks


Through meets Thursday Oct. 21

200 medley relay

Squalicum (Carlee Bock, Camorah King, Kaitlin Doyle Danielle Lilleston) 1:58.98

Sehome (Ali Fisher, Shirley Lam, Julie Siegfried, Ana Miksovsky) 2:02.32

Lynden (Hannah Hollander, Jasmynne Umbaugh, Megan Niemela, Michelle Bruncks) 2:04.46

200 freestyle

Carlee Bock (Squalicum) 2:03.57

Ali Fisher (Sehome) 2:05.30

Rylie Martin (Squalicum) 2:05.94

200 individual medley

Carlee Bock (Squalicum) 2:16.62

Camorah King (Squalicum) 2:18.86

Rylie Martin (Squalicum) 2:23.00

50 freestyle

Ali Fisher (Sehome) 25.30

Carlee Bock (Squalicum) 25.60

Camorah King (Squalicum) 26.30

Diving (6 dives)

Tori Franzen (Squalicum) 174.3

Katie Davis (Sehome) 135.20

Cheyenne Galindo (Squalicum) 129.45

Diving (11 dives)

Anna Hawes (Squalicum) 251.05

Tori Franzen (Squalicum) 244.85

Katie Davis (Sehome) 192.30

100 butterfly

Carlee Bock (Squalicum) 1:03.12

Ali Fisher (Sehome) 1:05.79

Shirley Lam (Sehome) 1:06.82

100 freestyle

Ali Fisher (Sehome) 55.29

Lindsay Seefried (Bellingham) 58.04

Camorah King (Squalicum) 58.88

500 freestyle

Carlee Bock (Squalicum) 5:25.50

Rylie Martin (Squalicum) 5:37.22

Molly McGuire (Sehome) 5:46.99

200 freestyle relay

Squalicum (Rylie Martin, Camorah King, Leah Strickling, Carlee Bock) 1:47.10

Sehome (Ana Miksovsky, Molly McGuire, Simone Prince-Eichner, Ali Fisher) 1:47.28

Bellingham (Alyssa Lutrell, Lindsay Seefried, Hanna Bishop, Madeline Gilleman) 1:51.29

100 backstroke

Carlee Bock (Squalicum) 1:00.31

Ali Fisher (Sehome) 1:03.46

Shirley Lam (Sehome) 1:05.09

100 breaststroke

Camorah King (Squalicum) 1:09.74

Megan Niemela (Lynden) 1:12.34

Josephine Hedgeberg (Squalicum) 1:14.75

400 freestyle relay

Squalicum (Leah Strickling, Rylie Martin, Camorah King, Carlee Bock) 3:52.90

Sehome (Julie Maurer, Ana Miksovsky, Ali Fisher, Molly McGuire) 3:57.88

Lynden (Michelle Bruncks, Megan Niemela, Jasmynne Umbaugh, Hannah Hollander) 4:14.38

NOTE: To qualify for this list, a swimmer must either win their event or post a Class 2A state qualifying standard. Compiled from staff and coach reports of meets.