Northwest Conference boys' tennis singles wins leaders


Through matches played Wednesday, Oct. 27Singles wins

Player, school W

Avery West, Seh. 18

Myles West, Seh. 16

Bjorn Thorpe, Seh. 13

Tanner Hanson, Fern. 13

Nick Smith, Seh. 11

Josh Crowe, Bel. 11

E.J. Troutman, Bel. 10

Jeff Levine, MV 10

Shane Miller, Bel. 10

Reed Welch, Bel. 8

Connor Belsher, Sq. 8

Anthony Shanander, MV 8

Alex Kooi, Lyn. 8

Greyson Herdman, Sq. 7

Erik Arntsen, Fern. 7

Taylor Carter, Lyn. 7

Will Stewart, BE 6

Avery Bahr, Sq. 5

Justin Sturdy, MV 4

Walker Olis, BE 4

Johnny Kirby, Fern. 4

Tim McDougle, SW 4

Kyle Hoback, Sq. 4

Andrew Clarke, Bel. 3

Rob Wortham, BE 3

Calvin Rutherford, SW 3

Jared Wigen, Ana. 3

Jay Roper, Lyn. 3

NOTE: Statistics compiled from staff and coach reports of matches. Not all matches were reported. For updated statistics, please visit the NWC fall sports databases at