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A permit for hunting all seasons

Permits entitling their bearers the option of hunting deer or elk throughout the fall of 2014 in all main archery, blackpowder and modern firearms seasons until they bag their quarry will be issued by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in a lottery held in early April.

Seekers of these coveted permits, which cost each winner $182.00 plus the $7.10 draw application e-form, have until the end of March to enter the drawing.

Some 8,500 permits for deer are to be awarded, while 1,000 of the elk version will be given out.

Though a permit holder's annual deer or elk bag limit does not increase with the MSP and they must surrender any previously purchased weapons-specific tag, besides the all-the-time hunt privilege, other percs come with it.

Elk permit holders may hunt in either side of the Cascades instead of being restricted to either east- or west-side venues. Both deer and elk MSP holders may apply for any weapons type special hunting permit.

Also keep in mind that if you really don't want a MSP this year you can still apply under a 'ghost' option and earn preference points for out-year drawings.  

For more details about the multi-season permit lottery or the other limited-entry hunting drawings offered by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, log into WDFW permit drawing portal at http://wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/permits/. For the likely scope and details of upcoming hunt permit drawings, until the 2014 regs pamphlet comes out, check out pages 82-88 of the 2013 Big Game Hunting Seasons and Regulations Pamphlet.

The application period for the annual Washington special hunting permits starts in mid-April.

WDFW also raffles some extraordinary combination species hunting tags each mid-July.