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Hunting fees slashed for non-resident disabled veterans

Beginning this month, disabled veterans of all ages who do not live in Washington are eligible for substantial discounts on the cost of hunting and fishing licenses.

Even greater fee reductions are in place for those disabled veterans who call Washington their official residence.

Younger non-resident veterans must have an honorable discharge from the armed services coupled with a 30-percent or greater disability rating verified by a formal Veterans Affairs Administration letter. Veterans visiting from out of state who are age 65 and older are eligible is they have a service-related disability that is verified by a formal VA letter.

For non-resident disabled vets the savings will be dramatic. For example, a $123.55 combination fishing license would cost $54.25, while a $531.10 deer hunting license drops to $66.90. As mentioned above, further discounts are authorized for qualifying disabled veterans who live in Washington.   

All non-resident vets must apply for these discounted transactions through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's Licensing Division.

WDFW's Web portal with application forms is http://wdfw.wa.gov/accessibility/requirements_veterans.html. To talk with a hunting and fishing license customer service person call 360 902-2464.