Letters to the Editor

Pooled tips

Tipping? I have been in the food and beverage industry my entire working life.

When I read that Danny Meyers, multiple restaurant owner and undoubtedly a multi-millionaire, wanted to discontinue tipping in his restaurants my first thought was, “what was the waiter’s motivation to sell more, give great service or even be civil.” Can you say France? I recently was in France and asked my server how that included tip worked. He said “doesn’t, the house skims off most of it.” They encourage side tipping.

If a cook or dishwasher wants tips, they should press a shirt, learn some people skills, quit stuffing shrimp in their faces and come out into the trenches.

As far as racist, sexist and unproductive, liberal lunacy, of course, there are certain groups that are classically bad tippers (see YouTube) and the wealthiest can go either way. I have worked with servers from all genders and ethnic groups and it is a level playing field. We are professionals and give everyone the same service. We all have good days and bad days but it all averages out.

I believe this is just an opportunity for business and government to once again put its hands in our hard-working, middle-class pockets and put the burden of paying their employees a living wage on the backs of their guests.

Socialism doesn’t work. If we are pooling tips, well I will let someone else work hard and I will play with my phone in the side station.

Victoria Knudson, Ferndale